Ambition, power and #metoo in podcast thriller ‘Wraak

The discovery of a woman’s dead and mollested body in ‘het Amsterdamse IJ’ not only shakes up the entire city, but also terrifies the new police chef Barbara Schaaf (Rifka Lodeizen). The death of Monique Zegers turns out to be the first one in a series of murders that dominate the national news on a daily basis. Led by Barbara, who took her rival out by using #metoo in the competition for her position as a policechef, the murders are the police’s number one priority. When she realizes the murders are acts of revenge, Barbara has to make an impossible decision… The thrilling, eight-part podcast series Wraak, narrated by Nazmiye Oral and with voices of Rifka Lodeizen, Jaap Spijkers, Carine Crutzen, Nasrdin Dchar and Joy Delima, is released on Tuesday september 15th and will be available on and populair podcast apps like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Wraak is the first fictional podcast series in the Netherlands designed in 360 (8D), which creates the illusion of being right in the middle of the story. The series can be listened to every week or you can listen to the episodes all at once, which makes it the audiovisual of a bingeable tv-series.

The podcast Wraak was created and written by Karin van der Meer (Penoza, Nieuwe Buren), directed by Hanneke Hendrix (De Kloof, Ik ken iemand die…). The eight-part podcast is a production of NPO Radio 1, AVROTROS and Fiction Valley.

The podcast Wraak will be available on Tuesday september 15th on all popular podcast apps.