Film 'Mocro Maffia: Tatta' can be seen at Videoland from Friday 28 April

Where was Tatta all this time?

After the kidnapping of Paus sister Samira in the fourth season of the Videoland Original 'Mocro Maffia', Tatta was missing. Where did he go? Why did he leave? In the movie 'Mocro Mafia: Tatta' you can see what he has been doing all this time. The 60-minute film can be seen at Videoland from Friday 28 April and will appear in the run-up to the fifth season of the series, the release date of which will be announced later.


After the violent collision of Tatta (Robert de Hoog) with Paus (Achmed Akkabi) and the failed kidnapping of Paus sister Samira (Zineb Fallouk), he wants to flee as quickly and far as possible with his family and the loot that his criminal life has given him. achieved so far. Before he can flee, his Brabant family manages to track him down. After murdering his uncle Cobus, Tatta has also angered his family. Even before Tatta can make off with his family, everything - including their money - goes up in flames in an attack. With his back against the wall, he has only one option: a rip on Paus, who has always been like a brother to him but is now his biggest rival. Just before Tatta was put out of action by him, Paus was about to bring in a load of 2000 kilos of cocaine via the port of Antwerp. And Tatta knows exactly how Paus operation works.


Tatta also knows that he has no chance on his own and with almost no other options, he decides to enlist the help of his older brother Otto (Mads Wittermans), who is spending his days in a prison in Hungary. If Tatta manages to get his brother released, they immediately end up in a wasp's nest that takes him further away from his goal than ever. Will Tatta manage to fight back and take revenge on Paus, despite the preparations made by Samira, Tonnano (Khalid “Ice” Alterch) and Ashraf (Saïd Boumazoughe)?


'Mocro Mafia: Tatta' can be seen at Videoland from Friday 28 April. The film is directed by Victor D. Ponten and Joeri Holsheimer, produced by Fiction Valley and written by Matthijs Bockting, Victor D. Ponten and Achmed Akkabi. The film 'Mocro Maffia: Tatta' will be shown alongside the four seasons of 'Mocro Maffia', the miniseries 'Komtgoed' and the short film 'Meltem'. For the latter film, actress Sinem Kavus received a Golden Calf for 'Best Leading Short Film' last year. The fifth season of the popular series will be released later this year. In addition to 'Mocro Maffia', Videoland has a larger crime and crime range, including the recently released series 'Sleepers', 'Incognito' and 'Judas'.