Follow the SOA new coming-of-age drama series at Videoland.

With Damaris de Jong, Reiky de Valk, Hanneke van der Paardt, Susan Visser, Jacob Derwig en Benja Bruijning

Videoland comes with a new coming-of-age drama series: Follow the SOA. An uncomfortably funny series about love, intimacy and friendship on a sexual journey where verything is up for discussion and no subject is taboo. The Videoland Original Follow the SOA, produced by Fiction Valley, can be seen at Videoland from June 4.

When an STD spreads like wildfire through her year class and 18-year-old Esmée (Damaris de Jong) catches it, she wants to find out where it originated. She embarks on a thorough investigation to trace the STD but finds herself soon embroiled in her classmates’ exciting and varied sex lives. What starts as an innocent research question from a maths nerd becomes an obsessive quest for the similarities and differences between lust, sex, and love for others and herself. She soon realizes that there is no mathematical formula on how to deal with all those crazy hormones in your body.

In Follow the SOA there is room for a lot of new acting talent such as Damaris de Jong (Esmée), Reiky de Valk (Jacob), Hanneke van der Paardt (Rune), Tara Hetharia (Laura), Daniël Kolf (Lennart) and June Yanez (Philiomenia). In addition, Susan Visser and Jacob Derwig can be seen as the parents of Esmee and Benja Bruijning as the school's janitor. The rest of the cast from Follow de SOA will be announced later.

Uncomfortable, funny, warm, exciting, intelligent, explicit and taboo-breaking. That is how you can best describe Follow de SOA,” says Antoinette Beumer, Head of Drama at Videoland.  “This series fits the current zeitgeist and Videoland. It is intimate, ground-breaking, and controversial. Although the series is light-hearted, on a deeper layer it also deals with love, intimacy, depression, autism, gender, orientation, sexuality, and other relevant problems in the lives of young people that are not often talked about openly. Everything you want to know about sex but are afraid to ask! It's a series that I would have liked to have seen myself when I was younger, because it makes it clear that diversity is the norm.”

The Videoland Original Follow the SOA is directed by Ties Schenk and produced by Fiction Valley. The script is written by creative producer Oscar van Woensel, Saar Ponsioen, Inge Nirvana and Judith Goudsmit. The eight-part series will be available exclusively at Videoland from 4 June.