'Judas 2' can now be seen on Videoland!

Today Fiction Valley's 'Judas 2' is on Videoland. The oppressive drama series is the sequel to 'Judas' that appeared on Videoland in 2019 and shows from the inside what life looks like as a witness. The series shows the moving story of a woman who has had to say goodbye to a working life, but also of a mother who tries to do good for her children and grandchildren, of a sister and friend who always takes her environment in tow, and of a witness in the case against her brother Willem: Astrid Holleeder.

Leading roles in 'Judas 2' are Rifka Lodeizen (Astrid Holleeder), Marit van Bohemen (Sonja Holleeder), Gijs Naber (Willem Holleeder),  Mark Rietman (Peter R. de Vries),  Melody Klaver (Victoria), Carry Tefsen (Stien Holleeder) and Aus Greidanus (Judge Wieland).

The series is written by Thomas van der Ree, the direction is in the hands of Remy van Heugten.