About Fiction Valley

Since 2016, Amsterdam-based Fiction Valley has been producing ambitious and distinctive drama for a broad audience. By putting creatives at the forefront, we produce highly original, compelling, and captivating series and films. Having developed an eye for new and different perspectives, our drama always takes place right at the heart of society. In close collaboration with an extensive network of streamers, public broadcasters and coproducers – both domestically and internationally – we are always aiming to tell the stories of tomorrow.

Fiction Valley

Our team

Annemieke van Vliet
Creative Director/Producer
Pieter Bart Korthuis
Jacqueline de Goeij
Creative Director
Franky Ribbens
Marie-Claire Janssen
Head of Business
Myra Dierx
Head of Production
Maarten Koopman
Development Producer
Merel Fekkes
Development Coordinator
Tessa Klint
Office & development assistent